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UIS 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

UIS 3-Ply 10 10-Packs
Be confident you are getting the best quality 3-ply disposable non-medical face masks possible.

We took every possible measure to ensure the quality of these face masks by having them independently tested by Nelson Labs in Salt Lake City, Utah. Test results returned a greater than or equal to 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, a greater than or equal to 99.58% Particle Filtration Efficiency, and Blood Penetration Resistance tests on 32 masks returned the result of “None Seen”.

View the BFE Test Results
View the PFE Test Results
View the BPR Test Results

Those reusable masks many are using average a filtration efficiency of well under 70%. View Article About Reusable Cloth Masks.

As these test results indicate, UIS masks are constructed using the highest quality components. A soft, comfortable, spunbond, non-woven fabric is the first layer which is designed to allow exhaled air to filter away from the face. The middle layer is made of the highest quality meltblown electrostatic microfiltration material available. The third, outer protection layer is of spunbond non-woven fabric that, as the test results determined, effectively blocks visible objects such as liquid droplets.

UIS 3-Ply Construction

These masks have comfortable elastic earloops that are fastened to the masks by integrating them into the 3-ply design (not simply gluing them to the outside as many other lesser quality masks are constructed).
UIS 3-Ply Earloop Construction
A plastic-coated metal wire nose bridge sewn inside the layers at the top of each mask allows you to form the top of the mask to the shape of your nose for a tight, comfortable fit (as well as helping to avoid fogging your glasses).

UIS 3-Ply Earloop Construction
Rest assured that these masks were manufactured in an approved facility, not one of the 100’s that were closed down for producing sub-standard masks that flooded the market. They are constructed, packaged and inspected following 100% of the required governmental regulations. They include the required Certificate of Conformity included in each 10-pack.

All shipments are personally inspected by our company and ship to you from our offices right here in New York. Your order includes 10 separate 10-count poly bags each with a tear notch and zip closure so the unused masks stay clean and away from dirt and other contaminants. That’s 100 masks total.

These are the same masks available at nearly 200 grocery stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

If there is ever any issue, question or concern, you are encouraged to reach out the President and CEO of UI Sourcing Inc. and she will make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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